BPM invests in mezzanine transactions in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

BPM considers buy-outs, growth capital and capital restructuring transactions

BPM backs proven business models and experienced management teams


BPM seeks to provide mezzanine financing to companies with strong track record and excellent management practices in need of buy-out or expansion capital.

BPM invests in small and medium-sized enterprises and lower midcap companies in the Baltic region and Poland. BPM does not invest in start-ups and turnaround situations, as well as real estate. BPM has no sectoral focus and can consider a wide range of opportunities, excluding, however, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, firearms and gambling related businesses. BPM does not aim to participate in daily management of investee companies, as it trusts and partners with the management teams it invests in. Mezzanine financing is an attractive alternative for entrepreneurs who seek to maintain control in their companies and limit dilution of ownership.

BPM is committed to being a responsible investor.

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Zajęcza 15, 00-351, Warsaw
Phone +48 22 244 11 09
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